Important Update for September 2020

DBS is delighted to announce it will be offering free tuition fees* on four of its programmes through CAO as part of additional places under the Government Human Capital Initiative (HCI).


The four DBS courses below will now be eligible for Free Tuition Fees:


BSc (Hons) Computing (CAO code: DB500)
BSc (Hons) Computing (Data Analytics and Big Data) (CAO code: DB502)
BA (Hons) Business (Information Systems) (CAO Code: DB524)
BA (Hons) Business (Cloud Computing) (CAO Code: DB526)


*There will be no tuition fees on the above four programmes only through CAO. Students will only have to pay a €1,500 registration fee if successfully offered a place at DBS in 2020 through CAO. This is open to all EU students applying through the CAO.


Tuition fees will apply to all other programmes.


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