CAO Change of Mind

The CAO Change of Mind facility is now open until July 1st, at 5:15pm; this is the last opportunity to complete and submit your application form for September 2020. Visit for more information.


DBS has a wide array of full-time undergraduate programmes on offer across the areas of Business, Computing, Law, Media and more.


You will find a selection of our courses below, or visit our website for a full course listing.


BA (Hons) Audio Production & Music Project Management

BA (Hons) Business Studies

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) LL. B

BA (Hons) Marketing
BA (Hons) Psychology
BA (Hons) Social Science
BA (Hons) Film & Creative Media




Our Admissions team are on hand to answer your questions, call us today on (01) 4177 500 or email 

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